5 Key Consumer Behaviors Critical to Improving Retail CX

August 24, 2016
Vijai Shankar, Sr. Director Industry Marketing

For today's consumers, digital is a way of life. By analyzing annual holiday season shopping trends, we see increases in usage of digital devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, by shoppers to research and make purchasing decisions. As a result, retailers have turned their efforts to optimizing the digital shopping experience, helping increase incremental conversions, as well as reducing the cost of customer service.

With this transformation, as well as constantly rising consumer expectations, retail leaders need to understand key customer behaviors, such as the increasing demand for self-service and the use of mobile while shopping. Understanding these behaviors and corresponding implications on buyer journeys will drive an increase in incremental conversions, improvement in NPS and CSAT, as well as reduction in costs.

Join our Internet Retailer Webinar on Sept 1 to discuss the key customer behaviors that impact CX and what executives can do to improve their business outcomes.

Register for this webinar and you'll learn:

  • 5 key behaviors that every CX leader in retail needs to know
  • How to utilize intent-engagement to drive business outcomes
  • 5 key customer journeys to focus on to achieve key retailer outcomes
Vijai Shankar, Sr. Director Industry Marketing
Vijai Shankar, Sr. Director Industry Marketing

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