In today’s connected world, actually connecting with your target audience can be tougher than ever. Multiple devices, lots of competing messages, and aggregated customer data that may or may not be meaningful make marketing even more challenging. The [24]7 Customer Acquisition Cloud changes that. With behavioral data tied to your actual target customers, a cross-channel solution that connects you with the right people, at the right time, for the right price, and artificial intelligence built-in for continuous improvement, you can get more bang for your advertising buck and reach your goals faster.

Acquire Customers More Profitably

Acquire Customers
More Profitably

Use real-time intelligence to find the best targets and accurately predict their behavior. Automate smarter bidding and incorporate dynamic personalization to make your acquisition programs more precise.

Improve Online Conversions

Improve Online

Better bidding drives audience action. Combine intent-driven targeting, personalized content, and smarter chat to improve online conversion and grow revenue.

[24]7 Predictive Search Bidding

[24]7 Predictive
Search Bidding

Outsmart. Outbid. Outperform.

Use big data analysis to accurately predict value per click (VPC), and automate high frequency bidding to bid smarter, not harder.

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[24]7 Personalization


Create individual experiences—at scale

Fine-tune ads and websites using real data in real-time. Make better connections for better results.

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[24]7 Predictive Chat

Predictive Chat

Intelligent engagement to close the sale

Engage smarter and increase conversions. Use predictive modeling to target high value prospects with intuitive conversations to help you close the sale.

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Anticipate Intent

Step 1: Anticipate Intent

The first step to turning consumers into customers is understanding who they are, what they care about, and what they’re likely to do. Learn More

Simplify Cross-Channel Campaigns

Step 2: Simplify Cross-Channel Campaigns

In the vast digital marketplace, you need a powerful platform that makes it easy to automate and manage multiple campaigns across multiple channels. Learn More

Learn and Improve in Real-time

Step 3: Learn and Improve in Real-time

With machine learning as part of the platform, you can automatically adjust bids, campaigns, and messages based on what’s really happening. Learn More

Big Data. Big Difference.

With intent-driven marketing you can get more out of every digital marketing dollar while growing online revenues.

  • 27%

    average uplift in paid search

  • 4x

    better ad engagement

  • 75%

    increase in website conversion

  • 10%+

    increase in online sales

The [24] Advantage


Richer Intent Insights

Know who’s buying, what products they’ll likely purchase, and what message they’ll respond to and act on it in milliseconds.

Any Channel. Any Device

Identify and engage consumers across devices with personalized content. Guide purchase by connecting paid search, social, display, mobile, call center, and chat.

Better Bidding

Boost paid search ROI with automated high frequency bidding, using Big Data to keep up with real-time market changes.

More Personal

Deliver dynamic, predictive, personalized content across display, social, mobile, web, and assisted sales and service channels.

Smarter Prospecting and Retargeting

Use machine learning to retarget high value customers, and identify prospects based on actual behavior—not just third party data.

Apply Cross-Channel Learning

Learn about your audience from one channel (e.g.: Facebook), and apply to other channels (e.g.: display) to make better campaign and budget choices.

Flexible and Adaptable

Integrates with DMPs, SSPs, DSPs, and complements existing campaign management tools. Direct integration with Google and Bing.

Data-Driven Expertise on a Global Scale

Get international support and a dedicated team of data-driven marketing experts that will grow with your needs.

Discover the Power of Intent-Driven Marketing

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