Choose the Solution that Addresses Your Business Requirements


[24]7 AIVA for Digital

Scale and automate smarter, more satisfying digital interactions and enable a seamless experience in the channel that your customer chooses. Self-service virtual assistants achieve faster resolution and escalate to agents when needed, boosting customer satisfaction and agent productivity.

[24]7 AIVA for IVR

Take your old IVR to a higher, conversational level with AI-powered technology that understands what your customers mean—not just what they say. Improve speech recognition accuracy for accents, tones, and dialects and reduce costs by keeping more calls in self-service channels.

AIVA — The [24]7 AI Virtual Agent

AIVA, a Forrester top pick in enterprise virtual agents, leverages AI, customer intent, journey mapping, and contained
resolution to help human agents resolve more issues faster.

A leading telecom company with over 13 million customers chose [24] to grow self-service, reduce customer service costs and become #1 in CSAT for the industry.”

[24]7 AIVA

Help Customers Help Themselves

AI With an EQ. Near Human Virtual Agents

Help customers help themselves with advanced natural language to understand what your customers mean, not just what they say—in over 90 languages. Anticipate customer needs and offer the right response at the right time.

Scale and Automate Self-Service

Unify self-service experiences across digital and IVR. Give customers a better experience across channels, devices, and time by connecting every interaction so customers can pick up right where they left off.

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Reimagine IVR with AI-Powered Speech

Understand tone, accent, and dialect with 95 percent speech recognition accuracy, reduce instances of “zeroing out” by helping customers get what they need. Contain more calls to lower cost channels with IVR2Chat and enhance IVR interactions with rich visual content to make it easier for customers to do things like compare products or approve charges.

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Build Once. Deploy Anywhere. Get Ahead.

[24]7 AIVA uses a common language model across digital and voice, allowing enterprises to build once and deploy easily across any self-service channel. Combine with the [24]7 Customer Engagement Cloud to manage seamless journeys across self- and assisted-sales and service channels.

A leading satellite radio company with more than 32 million customers increases digital adoption and improves the customer service experience by serving customers how and where they want.”