• Improvement in First
    Contact Resolution (FCR)


  • Decrease in login
    related chat contacts


  • Improvement in CSAT


  • Reduction in average
    resolution time



Faced with increased competition Adobe needed to differentiate in customer experience in the digital realm. After all, Adobe is all about digital, from its products to its services to how it engages customers. As a strategic partner of Adobe, [24]7.ai regularly analyzes and identifies areas of improvement in Adobe’s chat program and helps drive the necessary changes and improvements to process and technology to positively impact performance across several critical metrics.


[24]7 Digital Chat Agents were deployed for customer service, sales, and tech support at Adobe. To identify areas of improvement extensive analysis of Adobe chat program was undertaken.

The analysis revealed that the top two causes for drops in FCR and CSAT were escalation to agents in password reset requests and long lead times in verifying proof of purchase for Adobe products.

Password reset journeys were handled via email where response times were poor. These delays resulted in a large number of customers contacting customer care via chat for more immediate assistance.

The proof of purchase verification process required the customers to leave the chat channel to submit required documents on the website. This complicated the customer’s journey and increased customer effort adversely affecting CSAT scores.

Based on these insights, [24]7.ai suggested changes to simplify the resolution process of these issues.


Based on [24]7.ai’s suggestion, SMS based verification was added to password reset process to improve response times over that of email. This helped increase self-service resolution for password reset journeys and significant decreased the amount of interactions where customers would seek live agents for help. This resulted in 15% decrease in login related issues and 6% increase in FCR.

In the proof of purchase verification process, a form was created to collect documents from the customer in the chat experience. This helped simplify the experience and reduce the average resolution time from 12 days to 2 days and improved CSAT by 20%.