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The Bank of Oklahoma was using Adobe’s RoboHelp as their main agent assistance resource. They found the system unhelpful and inflexible and were looking for a way to deliver quick, accurate information to agents and customers. The bank’s main objectives was to keep responses to customer inquiries consistent and to serve customers on the phone, over email, and at branches as quickly as possible.


The Bank of Oklahoma deployed [24]7 Virtual Agent to drive its ’KnowledgeBank’ for Consumer, Mortgage, and PSG (Professional Services Group) contact center agents and branch employees.

The Consumer KnowledgeBank is designed to answer all things banking, from accounts and loans to mobile and online banking. It provides agents and branch employees with answers to over 500 topics.

The Mortgage KnowledgeBank is designed to answer light topics such as foreclosure, bankruptcy and insurance, while the PSG KnowledgeBank deals with subjects such as loans and withdrawals.

A dynamic list of “What’s Tending” topics allows agents to see the hot topics that customers are inquiring about. In addition, every answer page includes a list of related topics to guide agents toward resolution.

The Bank of Oklahoma uses detailed surveys to collect feedback from agents and branch employees on KnowledgeBank’s answers, ensuring that the content is accurate and up to date.


Powered by [24]7 Virtual Agent, the Bank of Oklahoma’s KnowledgeBank quickly and accurately answers over 50,000 questions per month.

Over 2,000 Bank of Oklahoma agents and branch employees rely on the KnowledgeBank to find answers to customer questions in real-time.

Since the 500 answers in the KnowledgeBank are constantly updated with the latest information, agents and branch employees are able to provide consistent answers to customers across all touch points (phone, email, branch).

The flexible [24]7 Virtual Agent system allows the Bank of Oklahoma to maintain and optimize the 500 topics in the KnowledgeBank themselves; a big improvement over the previous agent assistance platform they were using.

With [24]7 Virtual Agent, the bank is able to provide its customers with consistent answers to their questions with speed and accuracy.