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    the first 11 months


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    traffic increase since VA


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BC Hydro’s goal was to provide its customers with a consistent experience across self-service and assisted service over its digital and voice channels in order to improve customer service and CSAT. The company wanted to gain deeper customer insights that would enable it to spot trends and be alerted to any gaps in website content. Additionally, BC Hydro wanted to boost operational efficiencies by having a virtual agent answer frequently asked questions, allowing live agents to spend more time handling customers with more complex transactions.


After evaluating a number of vendors, BC Hydro chose [24]7.ai because it was the only vendor that could deploy a virtual agent within a set timeline and budget.

The [24]7 Virtual Agent was deployed on BC Hydro’s website, enabling customers to ask questions using natural language and receive instant, accurate answers.

The virtual agent “How can we help?” question box is persistently positioned on BCHydro.com so customers can ask questions anywhere on the website. Each answer page includes a survey question: “Was this helpful?” allowing customers to give direct feedback for each answer in the knowledge base.

In addition, each answer page lists the “Related Questions” to the current topic as well as a “Top 5 Questions” list to lower customer effort.

Finally, the [24]7.ai Voices analytics module was implemented to help BC Hydro identify customer trends, isolate gaps in website content, and improve the overall customer experience.


In the first 11 months alone, the virtual agent answered more than 720K questions.

At launch, the virtual agent had answers to 50% of the questions asked. [24]7.ai made continual additions and improvements to the knowledge base and in less than a year, over 75% of the questions asked were answered. Today, the virtual agent answers over 88% of the questions asked.

After the [24]7 Virtual Agent was implemented on BC Hydro’s search page, website traffic on the search page increased by 200%.

Working together with BC Hydro, the [24]7 Virtual Agent has achieved an industry leading answer accuracy rate of 94%.