• Percentage of customer
    queries handled by the VA


  • Decrease in call and
    chat volumes


  • Customer service interactions
    handled by the virtual agent


  • Answer accuracy rate



Travellers that need fast, accurate answers are HIGHLY intolerant of airline websites that offer traditional ’Help’ tools like site search or FAQs. Copa Airlines understood that in order to stay competitive, they needed a better way to provide customers with instant, accurate answers to urgent questions on their website.


Copa Airlines deployed the [24]7 Virtual Agent to greet visitors on www.CopaAir.com. The experience features a friendly digital persona, named ’Ana’ who invites customers to ask questions using everyday natural language in English, Portuguese, or Spanish.

Users get a single, accurate, approved answer to their questions along with a short list of helpful, related questions. Users also have the ability to view a dynamic list of the top ten questions asked based on previous question patterns.


Before the [24]7 Virtual Agent was deployed on Copa’s website, only 10% of the customer queries were handled online via Search and FAQs leaving 90% of the queries being handled by live agents (phone and chat). Two years after the ”Ask Ana” virtual agent was deployed on Copa’s website, the percentage of customer questions asked online skyrocketed to 50%.

Since the [24]7 Virtual Agent went live, Copa’s call and chat volume has decreased by 40%. By resolving more low-complexity questions online, Copa’s contact center agents are free to handle queries that require live support. The net result is that Copa’s customers are happier, and Copa’s bottom line is healthier.

"Most airlines do not enjoy hefty profit margins but Copa Airlines stands apart. Its operating margin is about 20%. I don't know of another airline with margins that high."

Jim Parker, Analyst

Raymond James