• Improvement in CSAT


  • Savings from call and email
    deflections the first year


  • Answer accuracy rate


  • Questions answered in
    the first year



Today’s utility customers go online in search of answers. Duke Energy’s customer journey was “broken” and needed a lasting fix. It recognized that Duke Energy customers weren’t able to easily go to Duke Energy’s website and find the answers to their most pressing questions. Too many customers were having to pick up the phone to speak with a live agent in order to resolve their issue.


Duke Energy deployed [24]7.ai’s Virtual Agent on its customer-facing regional websites to deliver an easier and more cost effective way for customers to self-serve online.

The technology invites customers to ask questions in a natural and open ended manner and instantly delivers the one right answer. This is made possible through the natural language technology embedded with [24]7 Virtual Agent. Intent recognition enables them to provide links to highly relevant information that the customer is likely to be interested in next.

Surveys ask the customer if they’re satisfied with the answer provided by the virtual agent. The VOICES analytics package allows Duke to spot trends early on and be alerted to gaps in website content.


Duke Energy’s customers love the virtual agent. Within the first year of deployment, more than 392,000 customer questions were answered with an accuracy rate of 93%.

Giving customers the ability to self-serve for answers to common questions in the digital channel has driven call and email volumes down, producing operating cost savings in excess of $1 million for Duke in the first twelve months alone.

We didn’t have to do a deep level dive to understand what was happening... our call and email volumes were increasing as a result of this broken customer journey. We needed to address this immediately.”