• Increase in the number of
    questions asked per day

  • Questions answered by the
    virtual agent per year

  • Percentage of questions
    answered by the virtual agent



To improve customer satisfaction, EPCOR set out to lower customer effort by enhancing the way customers could serve themselves. Customers had a hard time finding answers to their questions on EPCOR’s website and as a result, customers had to talk to contact center agents to get answers. To keep operating costs in check, EPCOR was looking for a low cost way for customers to serve themselves online – at their convenience.


For maximum effectiveness, [24]7.ai implemented two virtual agents for EPCOR; one on its public website and one for its contact center agents.

[24]7 Virtual Agent is the technology behind EPCOR’s “How can we help?” search box, persistently situated at the top right corner of its website. “Top 5 Searches” along with “Suggested Searches” help EPCOR customers find answers to the most popular questions quickly and accurately. A “Result Survey” allows EPCOR to determine whether or not the answer prevented the customer from calling its contact center.

EPCOR agents are also able to access the [24]7 Virtual Agent knowledge base by integrating a Question box into their Microsoft Sharepoint.


When EPCOR only offered Search on their website, customers were only performing 200 search queries per day. After the [24]7 Virtual Agent was added to EPCOR’s website, customers asked over 400 questions per day.

Since the launch of its virtual agent, EPCOR has continually worked with [24]7.ai to improve and optimize the knowledge base to the point where 99.88% of the questions asked within the virtual agent receive an answer.

Customer satisfaction has improved as a result of the lower effort required to get what customers were looking for any time of day or night instead of having to call customer service and wait for an agent to become available.