• Days to launch the
    [24]7 Virtual Agent


  • Number of Member Portal
    visitors per year


  • Questions asked per month
    (growing to 150K/month)


  • Response accuracy rate



Florida Blue’s call center handles 6.7M calls per year but they also get 2.2 million visits to their Member Portal website annually. Many of the routine questions that their call center agents were handling could be asked and answered online by a virtual agent. By implementing an online virtual agent, Florida Blue reduced their Members’ effort by providing fast and accurate answers online - decreasing the need to call into the call center.


After evaluating a number of vendors, Florida Blue chose [24]7.ai because it was able to deploy within a specific timeline and budget. Florida Blue wanted to manage and maintain the virtual agent themselves which the other vendors did not offer. Additionally, rich reporting set [24]7.ai apart as Florida Blue needed key insights to improve their members’ experience.

The [24]7.ai team deployed the virtual agent in under 14 weeks. The team started with its Healthcare Knowledge Base template and then added custom content totaling 200 responses, offered in both English and Spanish. [24]7.ai’s SmartSource service was used for post-launch content optimization, ongoing support, advice, and enhancements to the online self-service experience.


When Florida Blue members log into their Member Portal, they can ask any question in the “Ask Us!” question box and receive one right answer instead of wading through search results – saving time and reducing effort. Members can ask questions such as:

How much is my premium?

What is the status of my claim?

Is acupuncture covered?

What are health trackers?

Florida Blue members now get fast, accurate answers to their questions with minimal effort – 24 hours a day. And, since the [24]7 Virtual Agent is deflecting numerous calls away from the call center, Florida Blue is saving thousands in call center costs.