• Chat assisted revenue
    share of online revenues


  • Increase in average booking values
    for chat over that of web self-service



The Hong Kong Disneyland Park wanted to provide chat support for visitors on its website. The chat would be instrumental in assisting customers with booking their stay, planning their vacation and booking tickets to the park.


[24]7 Chat was deployed on the Hong Kong Disneyland Park website in efforts to maximize sales for room bookings and ticket sales for its theme park online. This was later expanded to Hong Kong Disneyland’s mobile site to increase customer reach and to provide a tailored mobile experience for customers.

Given the diversity of its customers it was important for Hong Kong Disneyland to have agents with different language skillsets and to be able to route effectively to the right agent. [24]7 Chat at Hong Kong Disneyland Park website and mobile site supports English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.


With sales chat deployed on both the web and the mobile sites, Hong Kong Disneyland Park is benefiting from higher revenues. Sales chat delivers 7% of total online sales revenue, and agents are able to effectively upsell resulting in 40% higher booking values.

[24]7.ai’s partnership with the Disney brand continues to deepen. [24]7 Virtual Agent was recently deployed on the Disney Stores website to deflect informational calls and emails pertaining to order status, shipping, returns, and other journeys for customers on the web.