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Huntington has seen dramatic growth through the acquisition of 24 Bank of America branches and FirstMerit bank. They wanted to keep costs in check while improving the customer experience and satisfaction ratings as they added Bank of America and FirstMerit customers and employees to the Huntington family. They needed to address long agent handle times, consistency of information and first call resolution in its call centers. With new agents being added constantly, the bank needed a quick and efficient way to train its agents.


Huntington selected virtual agent technology from [24]7.ai to address the needs of its customers, agents, and branch employees.

In 2014, the bank implemented a virtual agent called “Ask Huntington” on its website for customers and prospects. In that same year, Huntington added a virtual agent for its Bank of America conversion customers called “Welcome”.

Huntington replaced its Adobe RoboHelp solution on its call center agent portal with a [24]7 Virtual Agent called “Ask Huntington”. They also use this virtual agent to train new agents that came over from its acquisition of FirstMerit bank.

Recently, the bank developed an internal facing virtual agent designed specifically for Huntington’s branch staff called “Retail Ask Now”. Staff members use the virtual agent to provide quick and accurate answers to customer questions, thereby reducing call volume to its call support group.


Powered by the [24]7 Virtual Agent SaaS platform, Huntington Bank’s internal and external virtual agents answer over 1.5 million customer, agent, and branch employee questions per year.

90% of the questions asked by customers in the “Ask Huntington” virtual agent receive a correct answer, while 97% of the questions asked by Huntington agents are answered correctly.

Huntington’s agents and branch employees now provide customers with consistent, accurate answers to over 1,500 topics across all touch points (phone, online, branch).

With [24]7 Virtual Agent, Huntington has improved agent handle times, increased first call resolution rates, and dramatically reduced agent training costs and time-to-productivity.

I find the tool and it's end function to be user friendly and helpful."

Samantha Sutter, Business Analyst

Huntington National Bank