• Annual call volume


  • Self-service rate in
    the phone channel



Merrill Lynch’s phone channel supports customer service inquiries across its retail and retirement portfolios. To reduce costs and improve the caller experience, Merrill Lynch needed to improve self-service resolution in the phone channel and enable customers to more effectively escalate a call from the IVR to the right agent if needed.


Merrill Lynch focuses on delivering what it calls a “white glove” service across its entire portfolio. To deliver that service, Merrill Lynch deployed [24]7.ai’s natural language speech across its retail (wealth management), Merrill Edge, and retirement (RBCC) financial products’ inquiry lines.

The [24]7 Speech solution understands natural spoken queries in both English and Spanish so customers can have more natural dialog with the IVR to navigate menus and conduct transactions easier.

A key facet of the deployment is that instead of reacting to customer behavior, the [24]7.ai natural language engine quickly determines the customer’s intent, and then determines the “next best action” for the customer.


The [24]7 Speech platform reliably handles over 30 million calls a year.

Merrill Lynch has seen self-service rates of 62%, saving it millions in contact center costs annually. In addition, call routing accuracy has improved substantially resulting in an uptick in customer satisfaction.

With the [24]7.ai natural language speech solution, Merrill Lynch has gone from simply reacting to customer selections in the IVR to an intent-driven customer experience that not only provides a differentiated customer experience, but drives business outcomes.