• Reduced the number of contact
    center agents required by

    20 agents

  • Reduction in agent
    handled calls


  • Answer accuracy rate


  • Questions that receive
    an answer



NB Power’s goal was to provide more self-serve options for its customers to improve customer satisfaction. To reduce customer frustration, NB Power also needed to deliver consistent information to customers across all channels. To lower costs, NB Power needed to reduce calls to its contact centers by providing answers to the most popular questions online – freeing agents to handle more complex queries.


NB Power launched [24]7 Virtual Agent on its public website and since then, the virtual agent has correctly answered over 400,000 questions in both English and French.

To make it easy for customers to find answers to their questions, NB Power added a persistent “What are you looking for?” search box at the top right corner of its website. NB Power also added an “ASK US” bubble in strategically located places on its website for even greater visibility.

In addition, a “Top 10 Questions” list along with a “You may also be interested in:” question list help NB Power customers find answers to their questions quickly and with minimal effort.


NB Power experienced a 30% decrease in calls hitting its contact center which resulted in a reduction of 20 agents. Since customers are finding answers to their questions online, they have fewer reasons to call the contact center – reducing customer effort while saving NB Power thousands in operating costs.

Over the years, [24]7.ai has worked with NB Power to analyze the efficacy of its virtual agent and made continual additions and improvements to the knowledge base resulting in an industry leading 96% answer accuracy rate.

The net result is that customers are happier, agents are more productive, and NB Power operating costs are optimized.

NB Power Sucess Story [24]7