• Overall uplift in


  • Lower CPA


  • Overall increase
    in conversions


  • Increase in mobile



The Holiday Place uses paid search marketing to drive online bookings and inquiries. But with paid search becoming increasingly competitive, the company’s tools were not delivering the results they wanted. The Holiday Place was manually managing bids, which meant they were only able to focus on optimizing select campaigns with updates every couple of weeks. This limited focus produced limited results.

In addition, mobile accounts for 30-40 percent of The Holiday Place’s search spend. With some destinations almost exclusively mobile, they needed technology that would optimize bidding at the device level. Plus, they wanted the ability to target affluent customers based on geo-location to increase revenue by selling more high-dollar packages.


Leveraging Technology to Bid Smarter. Not Harder.

Paid search is much more complex than it used to be, with more data, more dimensions, and more granular tracking all playing a role in bidding strategy and success. By automating high-frequency, intra-day bidding with [24]7 Predictive Search, The Holiday Place was able to exponentially increase both the volume and aggressiveness of bids—a pivotal change in a market with average hourly fluctuation rates of 16.2 percent for conversion and 16.8 percent for cost per click (CPC).


More Sales + Better Value

The Holiday Place conducted an initial 12-week A/B day test, during which they saw 21 percent more conversions and 13 percent lower cost per acquisition (CPA). For mobile, the goal was to increase both spend and volume while keeping CPA under $25. [24]7 Predictive Search was able to deliver a 40 percent increase in conversion volume as well as a 3 percent reduction in CPA. In addition, [24]7 Predictive Search uncovered 228 mid-tail keywords, resulting in 35 percent more additional conversions that the previous model failed to capture.

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