• Customer engagement rate
    within the IVR


  • Reduction in call duration


  • Increase in IVR
    call containment


  • Order status calls
    successfully authenticated



The previous Victoria’s Secret touchtone IVR system had limited capabilities and didn’t reflect the company’s strong brand. It wanted to modernize its phone self-service channel and add new capabilities in time for its call volume peak during its semi-annual summer sale.


Victoria’s Secret valued [24]7.ai’s leadership in the retail industry and appreciated [24]7.ai’s consultative approach in creating a strategic self-service roadmap. Aligning with the Victoria Secret vision, [24]7.ai developed customized IVR applications that identify potential sales orders and contain informational calls within the self-service channel.

Intelligent call steering personalizes the caller experience and presents proactive menu choices based on the caller’s intent, recent interactions, and customer profile. The catalog request application efficiently and accurately verifies the caller’s information and the order status application verifies the caller’s identity, locates their order, and delivers the order status.


Since the [24]7.ai IVR applications went live, Victoria’s Secret has seen an 9% increase in IVR containment rates along with a 17% decrease in call duration.

Victoria’s Secret uses [24]7.ai’s embedded analytics to measure and report engagement, completion, and transfer rates for all calls. [24]7.ai continuously monitors and analyzes call trends to gain insights into caller behavior and adjusts the applications to increase performance metrics and maintain ROI.

Overall, the higher containment rates and reduction in call duration have resulted in significant cost savings – but more importantly, more satisfied customers.