• Higher incremental sales over
    that of web self-service


  • Increase in customer



As the usage of its website increased Vodafone was looking to make it a channel for increasing new customer acquisitions. Vodafone looked to [24]7 Chat, which leverages predictive analytics, to identify hot leads, enhance customer engagement on the website, and increase online revenues.


[24]7.ai deployed chat across Vodafone‘s website. Using predictive models, [24]7.ai maximizes customer acquisitions by targeting visitors who have a high propensity to become Vodafone customers.

[24]7.ai works with Vodafone in an outcome-based construct, where predictive targeting, data analytics, optimization and operations work in concert to maximize revenues.


As a result of its strategic engagement with [24]7.ai, Vodafone enjoys the benefits of a successful sales chat program with chat contributing to 15% higher incremental sales over that of self-service on the web.

[24]7 Chat contributes to a 30% lift in new customer acquisitions online. At the same time there has been a 5% increase in customer satisfaction scores against a baseline of 85%.